The saddest word.

With your crown of thorns

And your bleeding heart

Your paralysis

Was there from the start

With your small town vision

And your shuttered walls

You had closed your windows

And were deaf to the calls

With your broken smile

And your tortured life

You cut through dreams

With savage knife

With darkened vision

In your blackened sky

You had lost your voice

Left only goodbye

So goodbye, adieu, farewell

My friend

There was no beginning

Just simply an end.

The Journey.

Lisbon it was left of me

Madrid lay to my right

Hobson was behind me

Hiding out of sight

Duckie he was resting

As Pedro watched the door

Everything was changing

Back to as before

Amsterdam was hanging

Sunshine in the snow

Love lies in the balance

And only ‘nothing’ grows.

The Black Lines.

It’s those black lines, that are the hard lines

They’re the ones you face alone

It’s the dark nights that are the black nights

When the seeds of fear are sown

In the black nights only dark lights

Shine upon your fears

In the dark light of the black nights

The only light reflects your tears

It’s those black lines that are the outlines

Of every thought you dread

It’s the dark lines in the black night

Where you fear that you are dead.


There are things you are told, that you don’t want to hear

There are words that from nowhere, will bring on the tears

There are losses you face, that are too great to bear

And you die on the inside, because no-one is there

There are pains that are not pains, but still break your heart

There is anguish and helplessness, that tear you apart

When the end is the dread, that you knew from the start

I’ll hold tight your hand as you gently depart.

And then there was me.

I know I am odd and difficult to understand

Even I, struggle at times to make sense of me

I seem to be laminated

To exist on different layers

I find something to be looked at on another plane

And off my mind wanders

You are on the ground, waiting patiently

A flower in the desert that I am

You are a refuge from my inner storms

Somewhere to lay my heart.