A heavy sky

That blackens clouds

That saddens eyes

A constant friend

And bitter foe

It weighs you down

Where you wouldst go

It’s daggers twist

Within your thoughts

To kill those dreams

That long you sought


That evil brew

Who’s chains do drag

And anchor you


Its death is near

You’ve seen its eyes

And faced your fears


Now bid it gone

Take soft my hand

We’ll fight as one.




Nefertiti III


As indicated this is my third attempt at capturing the beauty of Nefertiti. I was in awe of her since seeing her bust  in Berlin. This version is in oils and I have tried to imagine her in the flesh.


Half a tuppence.

There was dew on the grass and dragonflies

There were early mornings and tea

I recall glasses of wine and scrabble

And a cat called Alfie and me

There was a log fire and cold in the bedrooms

There were treasures to see and behold

There were early mornings and sunrise

And always a tale to be told

There’s a church that is cold and empty

Not even a candle to light

I can’t feel you there in it’s darkness

But I yearn to see in the light

My fingers ache for for your softness

I just didn’t know how I’d feel

But I’m that church and I’m cold and I’m empty

And the darkness is vast and it’s real.



She’s a Honky Tonk Woman, unlikely but true.

You are dancing through my mind again

From the shadows where you live

The messages are pure, pure gold

They are all you now can give

You are resting in my mind again

Sat quiet in my room

I thought I heard you whispering

Sing song from the gloom

You are walking in my mind again

On Winder, on it’s heights

No complaint, just beauties stance

Sat drinking in the sights

You are sleeping in my mind again

And you know, you always will

Your hand in mine, where it should be

On nights of quiet, still.