Half a chance.

Of tingles and tangles

And whispers of dreams

Of wishings and hopings

And unfulfilled schemes

Adventures and journeys

Still to unfold

The warmth of a hand

Still reaching to hold

Come tingles and tangles

And your whispering schemes

Take hold of my hand

And I’ll fulfil your dreams.


Thought I’d fall sleep in the garden

But you crashed into my mind, like a train

Where I started out counting the sunbeams

I finished up dancing with pain

Come hither, come thither, come crawling

Come singing, or come wailing a tune

Sit on my shoulder and guide me

While I look for your face in my moon

Please write me forgiveness for failures

Search deep in my soul for to find

But the one thing I beg you to promise

Is to keep your words out of my mind

Oh, to sleep in the sunshine, or in darkness

Breathe peace and feel warmth once again

For if I was seeking out solace

Then my journey was truly in vain.

To Doris Day and others.

I feel the giants of my lifetime

As they slowly slip away

I hear their heartbeats, that are footsteps

But they walk in other ways

I feel raindrops, that are drumbeats

With a funeral dirge to play

And my eyes caress the sunrise

An unwrit story, another opera, a new beginning, another day.

Seeing Red.

It’s easy to think you are drowning

When you simply forget how to swim

It’s hard to see in the distance

When the street lights constantly dim

When the smells and the touches desert you

It doesn’t always mean you are dead

It’s not always that straight is straight forward

Or that red lights are always on red

There is time to take stock and look backwards

Time to light candles for their glow

There are times to go softly and go gently

And times to go quickly and slow.

Dancing (II)

You’re a river running through me

Darling girl, my darling girl

Is that a twinkle in your smile

As you set your skirts to whirl

Close your eyes to feel the music

As your body moves to sway

Forget your cares and worries

Then dance the songs away

You’re a river running through me

Darling girl, my darling girl

I see the twinkle in your smile

As your skirts begin to whirl.

Leonard Cohen. ( Hallelujah.)

A pale and easy, gentle night

The piano man slipped into ‘Hallelujah’

That haunting tune I hear it still

Perhaps it means I always will

That special night will stay with me forever


You asked the man to play again

That haunting delicate refrain

He smiled and slowly played the keys

That covered us again with ‘Hallelujah’


Some woman quiet sang the song

And you and I soft sang along

Beneath the skies of quiet green Madeira

We heard it on the news that day

That Leonard Cohen passed away

But he left us with that night and ‘Hallelujah’

The people who touch.

The people who touch

I lay there and recalled
From a long ago time
One of those memories that linger
And linger

I was older then I think

The boatman was older still
He looked impossibly old, as he rowed us across the mirrored lake
Mist hung on the water
It looked as though we were rowing through a cloud
But it was warm
Early morning warmth
The boat slipped through the cloud toward an island
Set safely in the midst of the lake
Snug and secure
A ruined castle sat on the island
It looked quite stern as castles can
It looked formidable
And yet time had ruined it.

Our little boat struck the landing
And swayed as we stepped from it
Ripples in the mist

A little path ran from the landing stage to the outer walls

The castle keep stood huge before us
Walls ran hither and thither
So thick they had rooms within them
So wide they had walkways on top
Who were they built to keep out?
Maybe the lake had rampaging fisherfolk
Or violent cod
Who knows?
Where did all the stone come from?
Such a little island
With such a big castle
And so many questions

The people from the boat followed the guide
Into the keep
I followed my instinct into the tower
There was a plaque
It read
‘Mary Queen of Scots imprisoned here’
Then the dates
Which have slipped my memory
But it was a long time ago
An empty barren room
Which proclaimed to be
‘The guards room’
A narrow spiral staircase in one corner led upwards
‘To Mary’s chamber’
At the top of the stairs, on the pillar, where one rested one’s hand
The stone was worn deeply
As soon as you touched it you felt it
Was it Mary I felt
I wondered
Or the feel of a thousand souls who had touched the spot before I did
It was Mary
How do I know?
I can’t explain
But her soul had left it’s marker in the stone
And so long after her death
I was touching her

It was one of those moments you carry forever

People do that
Wander into your life and touch you
Or you touch them

And the touch stays with you.

The saddest word.

With your crown of thorns

And your bleeding heart

Your paralysis

Was there from the start

With your small town vision

And your shuttered walls

You had closed your windows

And were deaf to the calls

With your broken smile

And your tortured life

You cut through dreams

With savage knife

With darkened vision

In your blackened sky

You had lost your voice

Left only goodbye

So goodbye, adieu, farewell

My friend

There was no beginning

Just simply an end.