Valentine. (VI)

Saint Valentine

To you I pray

To bring my love

To me this day

And pierce her heart

With golden lance

So we as one

Forever dance

I’ll love her now

And always will


I’ll love her still

To her sweet soul

These words I’ll say

‘I’ll always love you

For one more day.’


This poem is dedicated to all of those people who yearn to receive a Valentine’s card but suspect they won’t. To the hurt, the broken and the abandoned. For the forsaken and unloved. To demonstrate that there is always someone out there who loves you, even if they don’t, won’t or can’t find the the words to tell you. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to you all.


The Sword of Damocles.

Damned Damocles

Your burnished steel

Whilst hangs aloft

Then nothings real

I curse your grin

And hate your blade

Such cloud that hangs

O’er all I made

I sit and wait

To hear that call

I hear your voice

The sword doth fall.

The mountain.

I climbed to the top of the mountain

And there I called out your name

And in case your soul didn’t hear me

I called it over again

I walked on the top of the mountain

To the very edge of the sky

And I searched the clouds for some meaning

Where no-one could hear me cry

My memories lined up like gravestones

Fading away in the mist

Images of ghosts and the missing

Of the trembling lips I had kissed

I looked from the top of that mountain

As far as my eyes could see

I swear I caught a glimpse of you

As you wait in eternity.



More than one awakening.

It’s 3 a.m. and I’m empty

Sleep has passed me on by

My head is full of demons

There’s a teardrop in my eye

It’s almost dawn and I’m thinking

As a vague light brightens the sky

And with the light comes clarity

That all you said was a lie

It’s another day in paradise

But a different day to most

Because this is the day I am born again

As I say goodbye to your ghost.