A whisper came riding, came riding on by

From the deepest and darkest, the blackest blue sky

The whisper came down from the blackest of blue

It was born out of rumour and the rumour was true

The worm that was rumour, it burrowed down deep

Spat out confusion and pushed away sleep

Too much,

Too much,

Too much too soon

I bought the sun

But not the moon

The whisper came riding and gathered in speed

Fed on the doubts, grew fat on it’s greed

Louder it came, it bellowed in scream

The killer of hope, the destroyer of dream

The whisper came riding, cloaked all in black

It never looked forward

It never looked back

The whisper came riding, so fast, so fast

It saw no future and knew no past

Tumbling thoughts, cascades of fears

The whys and the wherefores

The whisper came near

Will ever, will ever, I see you again

Without all the whispers, the tears and the pain

Well, whisper, destroyer, malignancy bound

You rode into my head without ever a sound

You killed me fair dead and left me to stand

With dread in my heart, but naught in my hand

The whisper came riding with a grin on it’s face

And left me, with empty

And you, fell from grace

The whisper came riding, came riding on by

From the deepest, the darkest, the blackest blue sky.


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