Softly, softly came you dancing

Just a breeze blew through my heart

Just a smile, a touch, a teardrop

Too soon to end, too soon to start

Soft you danced, but slowly waltzing

Locked my senses in your arms

Touched my feelings, lost defences

Tumbling, falling to your charms

Still you danced, serenely twirling

I looked, I watched, you held my eyes

Reflected in a pair of teardrops

The stars too danced within our skies

But then our dancing lapsed to hurting

To different tunes we danced alone

A sad lament, is lonely dancing

The saddest words are those of stone

And softly, softly now you’re dancing

In the drifts of turning sand

And softly, softly plays the music

Turning gently in your hand

Remember me as you go dancing

In my mind you’ll waltz the while

Twirling, whirling, gently swaying

I’ll gaze upon your fading smile

Dance you slowly gentle lady

Fill your dance with happy song

Live your life in love and sunshine

Say farewell, then move along


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