God’s seat.

Just a beach

On an autumnal evening

The sun was low on the horizon

Its reflection lit in the still water

It was warm, I remember that

Yet the beach was empty

Maybe people had better things to do

There was a tree trunk

It had been there for years

Polished by the elements

Every beach has a tree trunk

But there is only ever one!

They always lie parallel to the shoreline

I think God puts them there

Maybe for passing strangers

Maybe for reflection

Maybe they give answers

I have noticed you never see two people on them

Only lonesome souls sit on God’s seats

And they gaze at the sea

Or maybe they gaze but look beyond the sea

Or below

Lost in thought


Looking for answers

I never usually sat on them

I always sat in the sand and leant against them

Maybe I never got the right answer

because of that

But that night I was a lonesome soul

So I sat on God’s seat

I took off my socks and shoes

Wriggled my toes into the sand

Watched the tide

Time and tide

I had them both

The tide would run for ever

But my time was swiftly passing by

It’s right what they say

(Who are ‘they’ anyway?)

(And why do ‘we’ listen to them?)

The older you get

The quicker time passes

I dug my toes in deeper, trying to slow things down

It might have worked

I forgot to check my watch


All those years ago?

Surely not

Lady Diane


Can’t be

I remember I was……..?


If time is passing so quickly

I should dig my toes in even deeper


Such a limited commodity

I sat leaning against God’s seat and thought

Do I still have dreams?

Or are they all dreamt?

Do I still have hopes?

Or am I hopeless?

And what of you?

Do you still hold onto dreams

Does your heart still have desires?

Do you hope against hope?

Have you the time you need?

Do you need to make things happen while they can

Do you need to dig your toes in the sand?

Tell me your hopes and dreams

I will help you carry them

Mine seem so simple


I don’t seem able to make them happen

Maybe it’s because I lean on God’s seat

Instead of sitting on it

The sun is going down now

It’s refection a pale image


Do you see what I mean?

Another day gone

What happened to today’s dream?

This morning’s hope?

Maybe tomorrow


2 thoughts on “God’s seat.

  1. Eve

    God’s seat – I’m lost for words – such depth of sadness and searching in all of your work – leaves me pondering over the “real you” x.

  2. Lizzie

    What a sad but fabulous poem … Stirs up so many feelings ..
    Grab the day .. Make the most of every minute ..
    Don’t waste a second ..


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