Running on empty.

And oft I am running on empty

Captive of all I have lost

To the gathering clouds of failure

Every day is a measure of cost

The road is littered with bad dreams

Of passion that burnt out in the night

Of teardrops that fell on white linen

Each echo reflecting my plight

The warmth I was feeling is drifting

Come bring me the smile on your face

If ever I needed salvation

This evening I’m craving your grace

The flowers of forgiveness lay heavy

My torment runs as a stream

And somewhere in all I am writing

A message it screeches and screams

My silences hang all around me

Evoking a dread in the air

It is spitting and snarling in vengeance

My hand is held out in despair

Please take these chains that engulf me

Hold tight till my fears shall subside

Take the mists of despair and of poison

And gently cast them aside

Take my hand, don’t look back, just look forward

Lead me away to a dream

Build me a fortress to hide in

And speak only words that you mean

If only, if only, if only

Could wishes, could hopes be just so

Then I’d never again look behind me

But follow wherever you go.


One thought on “Running on empty.

  1. Anne Gibson

    Having looked at all your paintings I am absolutely blown away by every single one. I didn’t realise that you were so talented. There is so much feeling and expression in your work
    You have certainly hidden your light under a bushell!
    Look out the Tate Gallery Bob Marshall has arrived!!
    Really mean every word
    Anne and Billy x


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