And out from deep within the gloom

There slithered thoughts across the room

They lay upon your tired mind

And burrowed there for what they’d find

The worms then wove their trails in dreams

In evil act they harvest screams

The spindle bones of long dead hag

That bitter smell of bloody rags

The dead and dying, forlorn and lost

Demand their dues in nightmare cost

The spitting demons, malignant, cursed

Through hollow grins, they do their worst

They twist and turn, in time to reap

To keep you rising from your sleep

But add to nought in morning light

They scuttle off in tortured flight

The piercing spear of sun’s first ray

Will bring to you this newest day

The night, now faded, slips by hours

Replaced by day, by light, by flowers

Those ragged fiends with rotten core

They won the battle but lost the war.


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