This painting was taken from an image I found recently in Berlin. I have yet to show the painting to anyone who likes it, most people find it creepy, weird, ugly or are just uncomfortable with it. I find their opinions strange because I really like the image, it takes some looking at to understand it, but I find depending on what mood I am in, I read different things into the painting. I will keep my thoughts to myself and leave any viewers to draw their own conclusions. I enjoyed painting it and although I found it difficult to achieve the result I was looking for have great satisfaction with the finished painting, but maybe that’s because no-one else gives it any worth.


One thought on “Broken.

  1. Suzy

    Dear Bob,
    A beautiful Seigel sent me your painting and I find it hauntingly beautiful. Cheryl have talked about how art can bring out every emotion but most artists aren’t comfortable going deep into emotions we spend so much time masking. For me, this painting pulls off the vaneer we hide beneath. I love the expression of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. You have a fearless approach to these emotions.
    I also enjoy you tractor painting as well and tried to find a good rusty pick up truck on our friends ranch! I’ll try again this year.
    I hope to meet you should you venture to our side of the pond and best wishes on your travels.


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