Despairing acceptance.


This painting came about after a comment during a lecture by Keith Palmer about ‘meaning’ in paintings. This floated around my subconscious for a while until I saw a very good painting by a lady called Sharon in an art group I attend. Seeing that painting and hearing Keith’s words in my mind, caused me to seek an image to paint and I came across a version of this. I suppose it would be termed symbolism and whilst I know what I set out for the painting to say, I will leave the viewer to decide for themselves the meaning I attempted to┬ápaint into the finished item. I would certainly be interested in any interpretations.

Femme Fatale III.


This is the third and final painting I will do of Louise Brooks. I hope I have managed to do her beauty, justice. This is painted from a black and white photo, which I have tried to give life to with the addition of colour. Not sure what her actual eye colour was but if I am wrong then kindly forgive my artistic licence.