Valentine (II)

Why does it take a red rose

Or once a year words in a card

It could be you are with the wrong person

If loving is really that hard

And what of the non-receivers

Who see not flowers nor verse

How hard is that day to be worth less

To be lost, unwanted or cursed

Perhaps it’s a day for reflection

So put a rose in the smile on your face

And give that flower to all you pass

In a Valentine’s Day ’embrace’



And slow she turned and slowly still

My eyes were drawn against their will

To rest upon her perfect face

As lit her smile reflecting grace

The falling hair in tumbling wave

Such beauty tis’ that God has gave

My heart, my heart it cries despair

In pieces till that she is there

And only then may I be whole

When she is resting in my soul.

The palm.

If the palm could tell all it had seen

From so far up in mantle green

Of all those souls who’d passed it by

Without a glance towards the sky

History comes and history goes

And still the people pass in throes

No time to pause beneath it’s leaves

No time to think or to believe

But whilst the lives of crowds will pass

Forever will the palm tree last

So pause a while before you go

Touch it’s trunk and say hello.



I’m losing the ability

To see beyond surreal

To know just who it is I am

And to know how I really feel

I am adrift inside your imagery

While your words like raindrops fall

I gather them up in disbelief

And wonder at them all

Then I weave your words in cadmium hues

Through my hopes that I’ve burnished from steel

I place them safe in a Book of Dreams

And I pray for them to be real.