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Magdalene II


I was recently in Milan and came across a marble sculpture and was completely taken by it. I decided to paint it as a person rather than the original white marble because I wanted to try to give it a little more anguish. Anyone who hasn’t visited Milan, I recommend it strongly. A beautiful city full of beautiful and warm people.


The Tin God.


I came across this sculpture outside Saatchi’s gallery in London and was amazed by the strength of it. I thought for a long time on how to paint it and eventually ended up with this composition. The Tin God holding the world in it’s hand.

The Scream.


I came across this sculpture/installation in Berlin and thought it would make a great painting, being such a strong subject, so here it is. Painted in acrylic as always. It reminds me of mob mentality, violence, evil, all that is wrong in society. But it certainly makes a powerful statement a credit to the artist who’s work this is based on.