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I’ve seen the sorrow in your eyes

As  your teardrops fell like rain

Seen your face try to smile

While the memories brought their pain


Seen the anguish and the hurt

That so hard, you try to hide

While buried deep within your walls

Your anguish screams inside


Your heart breaks time and time again

Not the first time nor the last

As the ashes are rekindled

From the torment of the past


And though you fight to battle through

All that’s gone it’s way before

It seems, it’s laid in waiting

Through an ever open door


I just wish I knew the words

That could free you from the pain

Then know that I would speak them

And could hold you once again


Just know my love is all around

As you fight to see this through

And as the sunrise brings another day

My heart remains with you.


Amongst broken branches.

This poem came to me whilst I walked through a forest and suddenly came across a huge section that had been cut down, leaving only an odd bare trunk that seemed to stand guard over it’s fallen friends. A sad and desolate place, waiting for new life to be breathed into the ravaged earth, but a place to reflect, in the way that sitting in a cemetery seems to bring about reflection and questioning.

 Like twisted limbs the trees did bend

Their trunks in tortured stance

The wind did whip and howl and tear

To force them into dance

The forest deep in dappled greens

Did swallow in my sounds

In silent step on cushioned earth

I walked this hallowed ground

The whispers came like murmured prayers

Soft floating through the air

They cut the wind like spirit knives

But no single leaf did stir

‘What love, what love,’ the whisper asked

‘What love, what truth is this?’

‘In unrequited warm embrace

Doest linger in her kiss?’

The question asked the murmur fades

From when and whence it lives

Whilst words they burrow deep and worm

No answers do they give

And so it goes this forest stroll

Amongst these stricken trees

The truth it lies ‘mongst broken branch

By lips brought to it’s knees