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Art Nouveau 1


This is a painting I did from a bust I bought at an auction recently and had the idea of trying to give it ‘life’ in a Mucha type of way. The bust is white plaster and is cropped at the shoulders, so there is some poetic licence in giving her breasts. It’s one of those paintings that the mind knows what is wanted and when the objectives are, BUT the paint brush is too stupid to understand that it is supposed to be well painted and ends up doing it’s own thing. (The paint brush must pay the ultimate sacrifice of course,  for being completely useless and must hurl itself into the dustbin forthwith!)



After Mucha.


A simple pen, ink and wash drawing that I doodled whist struggling with Magdalene II which doesn’t seem to want to be painted. I greatly admire Mucha with his seemingly easy flowing lines and indeed all things Art Nouveau.