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The kneeling man.


I came across a sculpture of this kneeling male nude in, I think Berlin. I was struck by how powerful the sculptor had made this fragile figure. I know what I read into it, but I will leave you to decide for yourself what you think the sculptor was trying to capture.



The hand that was reaching out
Hangs loosely by my side
The dreams I began to dream
Have ceased to dream and died
The journey that had lay before
Just now an empty road
The emptiness that now I feel
A heavy, worthless load
The sky that was brightly blue
Is heavy now with rain
The heart that was full aglow
Is loaded now with pain
The lips that I sought to kiss
Have turned to face away
And the sweet, sweet words that once I heard
Are bitter now today
The hand that was reaching out
Now empty by my side
And the dreams that I thought to have
Have crumbled, gone and died.


Losing you.

You think I wasn’t there but I was there

I held your hand all through the night

Every breath that you breathed I was breathing

Every battle you fought I did fight

You think I wasn’t there but I was there

The pains that I felt were for real

Your anguish, despair and your suffering

Everything you felt I could feel

You think I wasn’t there but I was there

I stood bowed with God at my side

The tears that I wept could have drowned me

My emotions had nowhere to hide.

You think I wasn’t there but I was there

I was the one shaking in fright

I prayed that I would be taken

In return for you lasting the night

You think I wasn’t there but I was there

Each moment, each second, each day

You may think I wasn’t there but I was love

Every moment, every second, every day.


Despairing acceptance.


This painting came about after a comment during a lecture by Keith Palmer about ‘meaning’ in paintings. This floated around my subconscious for a while until I saw a very good painting by a lady called Sharon in an art group I attend. Seeing that painting and hearing Keith’s words in my mind, caused me to seek an image to paint and I came across a version of this. I suppose it would be termed symbolism and whilst I know what I set out for the painting to say, I will leave the viewer to decide for themselves the meaning I attempted to┬ápaint into the finished item. I would certainly be interested in any interpretations.