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Big thoughts in Little Egypt.

Big thoughts in Little Egypt


It was just a day

Some days are like that


There was warmth

Without sunshine

A stillness


Pleasant, yet just!


I was rolling towards sixty

On a roll

Wondering if I could stop arriving at sixty

But the only way to stop it

Seemed to be to die


The options weren’t good


So rolling I was

Gathering moss as though there was to be a shortage



God gave us three score and ten

I carried out a quick mental calculation

And arrived eventually at seventy


Seventy sounded very old

Sixty suddenly sounded better


Three score and ten!

But He didn’t always get it right

Some poor souls never reached it

While some floated on by

I wonder why


Maybe some people ate far too much

While some ate too little

Maybe some ate perfectly and those were the ones who went

At three score and ten


But what does it all say?

God isn’t perfect?

Does He claim to be?

Or is it just that people don’t often get things right?


It’s funny being nearly sixty

Not much point in saving for the future

The future is in the past

And no point at all in saving for the past

Maybe that’s why I have no savings

I never saw a future

I have only today


So what does today bring?

It’s just a day

Some days are like that



The Tin God.


I came across this sculpture outside Saatchi’s gallery in London and was amazed by the strength of it. I thought for a long time on how to paint it and eventually ended up with this composition. The Tin God holding the world in it’s hand.