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It doesn’t get easier, it gets softer.

Will you drift on the breeze

As it slips through the trees

Till you rest in the arms of another

Will you re-call the time

When your hand laid in mine

When all we did need, was each other

As the years pass us by

With hardly a sigh

Will we grieve for the times that we lost

Will we sit in our Fall

And remember it all

And wonder how much that it cost.



Slip sliding away.

You can take the time, to count the times

When hands did slip away from mine

Some tried to hold and grip me fast

But even those did slip at last

Death, neglect and poor intent

Erode beginnings, sincere were meant

My reaching hand now holding nought

Has careless lost all that it sought.

To love unknown.


And there she sits with impish grin

Behind the wall she hides within

Peeping out to see who’s there

Then hiding from their words and stares

She reaches out from gentle soul

To search for love to make her whole

To wash away her bitter pain

To bring her heart to life again

But tender maid still bleeding through

How deep the wounds inside of you?

Can they be cured by tender kiss?

Can Cupids blade bring you to bliss?

Or will your search by fears be torn

Before your heart again is born

To leave you deep behind your walls

Where hopes do die and dreams do fall

Will love persist to bless your faith?

And drag your heart from bitter wraith

What strength have you with all thats gone

To hold your hand to anyone

To move from deep behind your fears

To cast aside the years of tears

Dare you smile and take that chance

To set our souls, now free to dance

To see, to feel, to wonder why

What dreams could lay t’ween you and I?