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Slip sliding away.

You can take the time, to count the times

When hands did slip away from mine

Some tried to hold and grip me fast

But even those did slip at last

Death, neglect and poor intent

Erode beginnings, sincere were meant

My reaching hand now holding nought

Has careless lost all that it sought.


The rhythm of life.

I had hit all the wrong notes

In the musical score

In which rhythm is life

And where less can be more

Of crotchets and quavers

There was little I knew

But I had a degree

In singing the blues

On the mean streets and lean streets

There was nothing I’d lack

But I could take me a rainbow

And I could colour it black

I live my life like an opera

Set to violin strings

And the songs I’ve let slip

Were the best songs I’ll sing

So join in the chorus

And I’ll sing one last song

‘Bout nothing I did right

And the rest I did wrong.


Love IV.

Love cannot be sought or bought

Found or bound

It can be given

And it finds the lucky ones

It is given, to the lucky ones

Not necessarily the needy or the deserved

It cn be accepted or rejected

Accepted with joy, with mistrust or with doubt

It can be thrown back or abused

It can be given in return

It stays as long as it does

With some it lingers, some see it for but a moment

The unlucky not at all

Some find it once

Some will be found many times

It has life

Capable of growth and of death

It can be nurtured

It can be neglected

It can bring torment

It can bring pain

It can bring ecstasy and agony

Tears of joy and tears of pain

It can make loss bearable and at times unbearable

Is love a gift?

It is the ultimate gift

It has no monetary value and yet it is  priceless

It has no substance other than emotion

It is given so simply

It is my gift to you

I love you.


I’ve seen the sorrow in your eyes

As  your teardrops fell like rain

Seen your face try to smile

While the memories brought their pain


Seen the anguish and the hurt

That so hard, you try to hide

While buried deep within your walls

Your anguish screams inside


Your heart breaks time and time again

Not the first time nor the last

As the ashes are rekindled

From the torment of the past


And though you fight to battle through

All that’s gone it’s way before

It seems, it’s laid in waiting

Through an ever open door


I just wish I knew the words

That could free you from the pain

Then know that I would speak them

And could hold you once again


Just know my love is all around

As you fight to see this through

And as the sunrise brings another day

My heart remains with you.


And why it’s said in midnights hue
To spin like tops inside of you
To paint the failings of your mind
In dappled shade of colour blind
The pointed fingers and hollow grin
The pain of living dwells within
Within the shell of empty dreams
The echo dead of silent screams
To yearn to feel that loving touch
The cost too high the price too much
In sad reproach you turn away
Another hour and one more day
One more day to wonder why
They laugh at all the tears I cry
A grey, grey sky, one shaft of light
To catch my eye and hold my sight
And here I sit to wonder why
One shaft of light in my grey, grey sky.