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Magdalene IV


I recently saw the film ‘Mary Magdalene’ and was taken with this image from a still and so decided to paint it.


Magdalene III


This image was taken from a marble sculpture I came across in Madrid and thought it would make an interesting painting. There is something fascinating about the many and varied ways that sculptors and artist portray Mary.

Magdalene II


I was recently in Milan and came across a marble sculpture and was completely taken by it. I decided to paint it as a person rather than the original white marble because I wanted to try to give it a little more anguish. Anyone who hasn’t visited Milan, I recommend it strongly. A beautiful city full of beautiful and warm people.

Mary Magdalene


This is one of the first acrylic paintings I attempted back in 2012. I saw an image of a broken piece of sculpture somewhere and it inspired me to paint this picture. I had only painted in water colours and not very well at that, so it was a step into the dark for me. No-one else likes the painting but it has always held ‘something’ for me.