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The Thinker.


I came across the image for this painting, somewhere on the net. It was a black and white photo, so possibly a still from a 1920’s movie. I loved the composition and although it was a black and white image, knew I would paint the turban in a red, I always associate with the Pre-Raphaelites for some reason.


Gloria Swanson. (Femme Fatale IV)


This is an original painting, in water soluble oils, from an old black and white photograph I came across. I may well revisit it, but for the time being it is ‘finished’.

In fact looking at it now, it will certainly be reworked at some time, so it will reappear in a slightly different guise in the future.

Magdalene II


I was recently in Milan and came across a marble sculpture and was completely taken by it. I decided to paint it as a person rather than the original white marble because I wanted to try to give it a little more anguish. Anyone who hasn’t visited Milan, I recommend it strongly. A beautiful city full of beautiful and warm people.