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Magdalene II


I was recently in Milan and came across a marble sculpture and was completely taken by it. I decided to paint it as a person rather than the original white marble because I wanted to try to give it a little more anguish. Anyone who hasn’t visited Milan, I recommend it strongly. A beautiful city full of beautiful and warm people.




This painting was taken from an image I found recently in Berlin. I have yet to show the painting to anyone who likes it, most people find it creepy, weird, ugly or are just uncomfortable with it. I find their opinions strange because I really like the image, it takes some looking at to understand it, but I find depending on what mood I am in, I read different things into the painting. I will keep my thoughts to myself and leave any viewers to draw their own conclusions. I enjoyed painting it and although I found it difficult to achieve the result I was looking for have great satisfaction with the finished painting, but maybe that’s because no-one else gives it any worth.