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Sleeping cherub. (Dreaming.)


This painting is again taken from a piece of sculpture I came across in a museum in Milan, I think it was. The sculpture was white, but I decided to paint it in the shades you can see, to hopefully give it a little life. It was painted in water soluble oils, which I have recently ventured into.




This is an original acrylic painting. It is based partly on a piece of modern sculpture I saw in a gallery in Berlin and partly on a ‘hoodie’ I encountered out walking one night. The hoodie seemed almost sub-human, unseen face, long gangly arms, which seemed almost deformed and the flesh, grey and lifeless. I remember thinking, all those thousands of years of evolution have brought us to this? Then when I saw the sculpture I was instantly reminded ¬†of the hoodie and hence this painting.

Art Deco Bust.


This is an original acrylic painting of an Art Deco Bust I bought at an antique fair recently. The bust is attributed to the Glasgow School of Art from around 1930. It sits in my kitchen and makes me smile every time I set eyes on it, such a simple enigmatic beauty. I almost painted it with a tear falling from it’s eye but in the end decided against it.


This is an original painting of a sculpture in the National Gallery in London. I call it Lawrence of Arabia, but if I am incorrect which I usually am, then perhaps someone would be kind enough to tell me who it is a sculpture of.